Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message
आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः
Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions
Rig Veda 1.89.1

As good educators we are conscious that we need to provide our children the knowledge and skills required to succeed not only in today’s society, but a society that would exist 20 or more years into the future. Given the fast pace at which the world is changing, it is likely that today’s pre-schoolers would graduate into a world where vehicles would drive themselves, factories would operate intelligently and machines would possess human-like capabilities through Advanced Artificial Intelligence. There may even be human habitations on the Moon and Mars.

Another important development in modern society is the information overload a child is subjected to right from birth. This introduces an important challenge to Early Childhood educators. It is not enough to give information to the child – there is enough of it available online – but to teach the child how to ask the right questions, identify true knowledge, filter out the noise and use that information to their advantage. At the Shishya group of schools, with three decades of experience, we recognise these emerging trends and are equipped with the right tools to address them effectively.


We also recognise that our responsibility to provide good does not end at the school level. Therefore we have established the Minerva Group of Colleges that offer graduate and post-graduate education in diverse fields such as Education, Pharmacy, Nursing, Computer Science and Arts & Sciences. Established on a 25-acre campus in Himachal Pradesh, these institutions are reputed for providing the highest quality of education in their fields in the state.


For us “Rethinking Education” is not just an empty slogan but an ongoing objective. Our institutions not only provide best-in-class infrastructure and facilities but also 21st century teaching methodologies. More importantly, we ensure that our teachers are highly qualified and trained in their field of expertise, and provided with the latest and best teaching environment, especially for early childhood education.


And, we are constantly striving to improve.


- Dr. Gopal Saxena
B. Tech (IIT Delhi), MBA (IMD, Switz.), PhD (NLSIU, Bangalore)